Monday, June 30, 2008


so i am regularly biking to a valley, that seems to only be occupied by me... day after day, although i'm a breath away from a paradise filled with people... and this is my santuary.... the valley.... all the way up to the hill i am picking fruit.. and helping things grow... i am at peace. and i tell people about this glorious place and they all nod... in agreement about how wonderful this thing i have found it... they do not ask where it is... and i do not offer the information up......

take me away.........

green and a constant reminder of beauty... no fools here... only tricksters

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


this is what astro says for me today;
Full Moon
A compulsive quality
This influence intensifies your emotional expression throughout the day and makes your relationships more intense. You will feel your love for someone quite strongly today, and you will be able to express it meaningfully to your loved one. Sexual desire is also stimulated by this influence, but only as part of the overall emotional intensification. A new relationship that starts under this influence is likely to be quite intense. You feel drawn to another as if by magical power, because the other person represents something inside you that needs expression through a love relationship. It is really the power of your own psyche that you feel. Such a relationship can be quite good, although it is desirable that the compulsive quality wear off before you settle down to a long-term relationship.


the moon is full, yes, right now. at this very moment it is full. i felt/feel the full effects of it. last night i wanted to engage my full emotions in whatever i was doing.. even if that meant walking down the street to arrive at the bar, a bar i went to hang out at... but did not have the energy to deal with anyone else's emotions. just my own. & mr diamond was at his photos again last night. i stopped a lot of places... then the height of my emotions traveled far... and here i am. unable to understand.... ready to move.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


i cannot sleep. my brain will not allow it. my body was ill, now recovered. i want to dream... i seem to be better at it when i am awake. always dreaming.. always breathing.

lapses of time, and....... music.

music always remains. its the only constant happiness that can be provided.

i was there.

(i feel this now, as i felt it then)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

in my dreams...

in my dreams, i am afraid of heights... i am not allergic to bees... and i hang out with really cool people. in my dreams, i try and conquer my fear of heights and my friends hold my hand and tell me to run faster, they pull me, and make me run with them.

in my dreams ::sigh:: i am already going on adventures with people i really enjoy and no matter how many silly things i say or do.. they are all about me.

(real life isn't so bad) but.. those

flashy-backy, crazy, real, live, dreams.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The city sun set over me

Can you hear them?
The helicopters
I'm in New York
No need for words now
We sit in silence
You look me in the eye directly
You met me
I think it's Wednesday, the evening
The mess we're in and

The city sun set over me
The city sun set over me

Night and day
I dream of making love to you now, baby
Love making on screen
Impossible dream
And I have seen the sun rise over the river
The freeway reminded of
This mess we're in and

The city sun set over me
The city sun set over me

The city sun set over me
The city sun set over me

What were you wanting? (What was it you wanted?)
I just wanna say don't ever change now baby (I just wanna say don't ever change)
And thank you, I don't think we will meet again
(And thank you, I don't think we will meet again)
(And we must leave now)
And you must leave now (Before the sun rises over the skyscrapers)
Before the sun rises (And the city landscape comes into being)
Above skyscrapers (Sweat on my skin, oh)
Sin and

[both] This mess we're in

The city sun set over me
The city sun set over me
The city sun set over me
The city sun set over me