Sunday, March 9, 2008

the dull flame of desire

i was just sitting here, and the bjork song came on.... 'the dull flame of desire" and i was transported to the first time i heard it... live and in person on May 2, 2007. she actually had antony come and sing it in person with her. it was the 1 year since the death of kurt's father, my uncle spencer.

the show was pretty hilarious ... & as one person noted "How funny was that guy that started skipping around the stage? At first I thought he was another guest or part of the show, but when he got tackled by Refrigerator Perry, BOOM!"

it was a great moment. lol.

its snowy and wonderful right now. i went to work, came back and had to walk through 2 feet of powdery wonderful freshly fallen snow.

and tonight when i had my cigarette break... you should have seen how beautiful the little snow flakes were falling on my black jacket!

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