Tuesday, July 29, 2008


can i tell you how much i miss college?? my friend wrote this.. and i fucking LOVE it...

here you are..

one last stab at decadence

(a last gasp)

the final attempt at expression
necessarily preceeding the demise
of the mother of invention…

(the murder’s only evidence:
a slow vibration, diluted
until its effluence is lost among the stars)

maybe, in another thousand years,
the blessings and curses temporality imparts
(in shallow curves and terrific eruptions)
will bring about a return to pure innovation;
a truly human renaissance

or maybe, the gravity
from whence we came
will gracefully reclaim us…

(as you bask in the glow of being,
know too that such brightnesses
are framed by shadow)

there are depths like a separate dimension,
there are hellish heavens placed among
the million tiny points of light,

(stellar bodies that speak
in slow vibration)

their voices
swallowed by the vacuum…

(they are decadence’s last stab
at the night)

“the million tiny points of light”


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