Wednesday, December 16, 2009

wait a second...

3am party planner(s);

its time
** the lights are out
And Why?

affected, amused
and i'm still not used to it

the darkness is all we have.
its impossible to calm the storm in the depths of my head but when the light ceases it is okay --- 'cause less definition is easier, and I know its all gone.
but not lost.

it was always a business doing pleasure with you
I wish I could pretend to be listening
I can't afford this exchange rate

breakin' bottles
in this moment i'm with it
And silently I wonder what this image on my eyelids.
how often does it change.
is it me, the universe or both?
the connected-ness evades me and i claim to crave the understanding And at the very same instance i know its the course that will be. and shell be. there is no new thing.
slow motion picture show
and the slightest glance to the side

comfortable silence

I prefer to stay backwards
I can only sleep upside down
I treasure these moments
by trying to forget them

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